by Nataly Tumsevica

Christmas Charity Eve 2019

Already since 2010, Latvian singer Nataly Tumsevica has been hosting Christmas charity evenings, which attract many guests - both from Latvia and abroad.

“With all my heart, I am grateful to everyone who spent this wonderful evening with us and happy to present this year’s Christmas fairy tale to the orphanage kids that are so much in need of attention and wonder. Also this year we raised funds for the rehabilitation of two joyful and sunny girls participating in We will help Ērika (12 years old), who has a 4th degree hearing disability, to hear the sounds of the world, and Justīne (11 years old), who is permanently attached to a wheelchair but nevertheless learns to dance. We are also very happy to help talented Darja Jegorova from Jurmala Children’s Home – she is paralyzed but creates mosaic paintings. Especially for our event, she created the icon of Nicholas the Miracle Maker, who became the most precious lot in our charity auction, ” says Nataly Tumševica-Ergle, the organizer of the evening.