100 years of Latvian ballet

Riga Ball 2019

Riga Ball 2019

The magnificent “Riga Ball 2019 – 100 years of Latvian ballet” has taken place in Riga.


For the fourth year in a row, Latvian singer Nataly Tumsevica-Ergle and her team are organizing the spectacular cultural event in Riga, Latvia — Riga Ball. It is held according to the best traditions of the Viennese balls, with the incredible charm of Latvian culture. The ball is organized in collaboration with Vyacheslav Vishnyakov, the laureate of world ballroom dance competitions, and his dance studio “Dance Magic”.

Riga Ball is one of the most splendid reminders of a distant era of great composers, charming social gatherings and gorgeous dresses of the ladies. In Riga, just like in the rest of Europe, balls still have an important place in the cultural life.

Riga Ball 2019 will be held in one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the Baltic States — the House of the Blackheads, located in the very heart of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The luxurious interior of the venue will help create the unforgettable atmosphere of a 20th-century ball.

During the evening program symphony and jazz orchestras will perform, as well as the best soloists of the Latvian National Opera and Ballet, the most known Latvian Operetta soloists, the greatest Latvian ballroom and folk dancers, Boys Choir. There will be also performances from young musicians and dancers from orphanages.

The Ball guests will enjoy a sophisticated dinner by “36.Line” restaurant, specially selected drinks, sweet treats by “Desertu Studija”, live music throughout the whole evening, and the exclusive concert programme. At the Ball, according to the traditions, everyone is expected to strictly adhere to the dress code, in order to create the special ballroom atmosphere. Gentlemen are required to wear black tailcoats or black suits and matching bow ties, while the ladies — full-length ball gowns.

The official opening ceremony will start at 9:00 p.m. with a presentation of the debutantes. Young ladies dressed in white ball gowns and their partners dressed in black tails will dance the Opening Polonaise and a Viennese Waltz. The pairs of the debutantes and their partners will be specifically selected at the largest Latvian universities and trained by the best Latvian ballroom dancers and choreographers. Followed by the performance of the debutantes, the organizers and the event partners will announce the opening of the Riga Ball 2019.

Traditionally, Riga Ball has charity goals and purposes. During the official part of the Ball, a charity auction will be held, and the funds raised therein will be directed for charity causes: to support the young musicians of Latvia and to organize ballroom dance lessons at orphanages.

Riga Ball 2019 is a unique opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the classic Viennese Ball in Riga, with the flavors of Latvian cultural traditions, to spend your time elegantly, while meeting interesting and intelligent people, as well as to dance to the wonderful, eternal music. And of course, this year — there is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate 100 years of Latvian Ballet!

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